Friday, April 8, 2011

Royal Koi

I believe I am in posession of a very rare Koi, almost 3 feet long weighing over 20lbs and probably over 60 years old and possible of royal lineage. What is something like this worth? - Skyclub

The value of a Koi fish is determined by its size, skin luster, color potential, variety and pattern of color.

There are no Koi with "royal lineage".  Bloodlines are used to help determine how a Koi will develop when they are bought from certain breeders, but no Japanese royals breed Koi.  Koi that are over three feet in length are rare, but if it is 60 years old, its colors and skin luster will be long past their peak condition.

It is impossible to tell how much a Koi is worth without seeing it.  You should contact a local dealer or Koi club to help you determine the value of your fish.

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