Friday, March 18, 2011

Sudden Fish loss

In about 12 hours all my koi died. We had done nothing different with the pond, the water seemed normal, pump working. Since I'm in Southern California, near the beach, the temperature range is narrow. We have had the pond for 11 years. What could have caused this? - Helen

Did you leave your hose running?

The most common cause of a pond die-off is the fish being exposed to chlorinated water.  Chlorinated water kills organic tissue of the fish that it comes in contact with.  Gills are sensitive tissue, and when the chlorinated water comes in contact with them, the cells start dieing off.  The Koi fish then suffocates because is will be unable to breathe.

If enough chlorinated water is added to the pond because the hose is left on, it will overpower the dechlorinator and will cause a die off.

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