Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shy Koi won't bottle feed

How do you get Koi to start feeding from bottle? Mine are a little shy. - Babs

I would start by getting your Koi fish to eat from your hand before you try to get them to eat from a bottle. You "train" them by being near the pond when they eat. Move a little closer each time you feed them until you can kneel next to the pond. When they are comfortable with that, put your hand in the water while they are eating. Start keeping some food in your hand, they will eventually eat from it. Pretty soon they will start to associate your hand with being fed, so they will come right up to you. Then train your Koi to eat from a baby bottle.

Things to remember

  • Not scaring your Koi is very important
  • Introducing a Koi that will eat from your hand into your pond will make your other Koi in your collection more likely to hand feed

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