Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frozen Koi

I have 3 Koi and 3 gold fish and live in Michigan we had a extremely cold winter. We just had a break in the weather and the thaw produced one frozen dead goldfish and a half frozen 15 in Koi. The Koi worked his way to a shallow 18 in deep part of the pond. The other fish are moving around fine, but the frozen koi is moving when pushed and for the most part is laying on his side. The water temperature is still at 32 degrees, a heater and aerator are still running. Will this Koi recover? Is there something we can do to help the frozen Koi? - Chris

You should move the Koi to a deeper part of the pond.  Koi can live in a wide temperature range, but 32 degrees F is too cold.  34 degrees is the absolute minimum that a Koi can withstand.  The temperature at the bottom of the pond will be warmer, it will be closer to 40 degrees.  The chances of the Koi recovering are greater if it wasn't in the shallow area for too long.

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