Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When to start feeding

We are newcomers to Koi. We purchased a house with a koi pond. We live in SC and it appears that winter is over. Should I start to feed them again?
They look hungry when we are by the pond. Can you advise me? - Lola

If I were you, I would get myself a Koi pond thermometer.  Use it to take the temperature of the pond water in the morning and in the evening.  Koi can start eating when the temperature remains above 52 degrees Fahrenheit.  Refrain from feeding them if the pond temperature drops below 52 degrees at night.

Feed them a wheat germ based Koi food until the water temperature reaches 60 degrees and then switch to a 50/50 mix of high protein Koi food and wheat germ Koi food.  After the water is above 65 degrees, feed them 100% high protein Koi food.

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