Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Pond

I just bought a 5000L pond. How long I need to leave it running before I put the fish in it?

You should de-chlorinate and let the pond sit for about a week.  Depending on the type of filtration that the pond has, you may want to introduce a few small Koi at first, and then gradually add more to the pond. 

Chemical filters that use activated carbon do not require any bacteria to filter the water (the activated carbon strips Ammonia from the water).  Biological filters require the media to be colonized by Nitrifying bacteria.  Nitrifying bacteria converter Ammonia into Nitrite, and then Nitrite into Nitrate, which is harmless in low concentrations in the pond water.  Nitrifying bacteria take four to six weeks to grow so you should start the pond with a low stocking density so the water quality won't go bad.

You should add a few Koi instead of one to begin with because Koi are a schooling fish and having only one Koi in a pond will stress it out.

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