Wednesday, October 27, 2010

5 Tips for Fall Koi Care

Fall is the best season for viewing Koi.  The lower water temps hinder algae growth and make the Koi swim slower, so they have a more graceful appearance.  Use these tips to keep them healthy and happy:

  1. Clean the leaves out of the pond.
  2. Feed your Koi wheat germ based Koi food, when the water is cold, it will be easier for your Koi to digest.
  3. Put a net over the pond, it will prevent leaves from getting into the pond an clogging up the system.
  4. Shut the waterfall off at night.  If you have a system where you can recirculate water right back into the pond, do so.  A waterfall will act at a chiller at night, prematurely cooling down your pond.
  5. If you have a winter tank, move you Koi in before they go into hibernation.  They may be easier to catch when they are slow, but moving them in that condition is not a good idea.

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