Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Coy Fish

Coy fish is actually a misspelling of “koi fish”.  Koi are a colored carp that people keep in ponds as pets.

During the last few decades, the hobby of keeping Koi fish in ponds has seen massive growth around the world. In Japan, the Koi fish symbolizes love and affection. No one can ignore the mesmerizing effect of a school of multi-colored fish swimming around the pond.

Japanese Koi come in various colors and sizes.  Watching them together, gracefully moving around the water, has a relaxing and hypnotic effect that makes you want to watch them for hours at a time. Along with vibrantly colorful Koi, there is a black type called Magoi that moves beneath the colorful school of Koi like a shadow, hence the nickname “Shadow of the Rainbow.”

Studies have shown that watching a vibrant school of Koi swimming in the water is of therapeutic in nature and imparts a calming effect on your mind. Watching the fish swim around the pond helps to reduce stress and gives an overall feeling of contentment and serenity.

Koi fish, not Coy fish

Keeping Koi is not only a pleasurable hobby, but it can also help you to relax and de-stress after a long hectic day.

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