Friday, September 24, 2010

Californian has bear "taken care of"

A Californian Koi pond enthusiast had a bear problem. It found her pond and ate most of her Koi. She contacted the local DNR and they told her to remove them from the pond. The bear kept returning to her property, so DNR issued a depredation permit and a trapper came and caught the bear.

The controversy involves the way the bear was euthanized. A local resident who was going to a relative's house passed by a truck and a trailer noticed that a bear was in it. He heard a gunshot, and a little while later the truck and trailer passed him. When the local resident investigated the area that the truck was parked on, he discovered a bear carcass that was missing a paw and the head. He contacted the local authorities who discovered that it was the trapper that the DNR hired who quite literally executed and then mutilated the bear.

Source: Mountain News

What's next for Koi pond predators? Concrete shoes? Could Jimmy Hoffa be underneath a Koi pond somewhere?

Pic Unrelated:

American Black Bear
Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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