Thursday, June 17, 2010


pond net

Koi are jumpy when they are in a new environment and in new water. They are also sensitive to changes in water chemistry. You can notice your Koi acting funny if there is a problem in your pond.

When you get new Koi, it is best to either cover the pond or tank, or place a barricade that prevents them from jumping out. Koi seem to be extra jumpy in small tanks. Extra care should be taken to make sure they can't find a way out of the enclosure.

If you use a net, make sure it is out of the water. Koi can get caught in the netting, which will cause damage or even an infection. Netting can easily be attached to a tank with clamps or weights. Outside over a pond, stakes are used to hold it in place.

Netting will prevent predators from reaching your Koi.

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