Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Care of Koi

This time of the year is the toughest on Koi. The problems that plague them include:
  • Disease
  • Temperature Fluctuations
  • Predators
  • Stress

The Koi that spend the winter outside have just come out of hibernation. Their immune system really isn't up to snuff for dealing with the onslaught of problems that arrive with this season. Large temperature swings screw with their metabolism. Small ponds that don't receive any shade are susceptible to this. The life cycle of parasites is still slow, but they still will infest and overwhelm a Koi. The damage they do will take a long time to heal, so extra care must be taken to keep an eye on the Koi's behavior. Koi will swim slowly in the cold water and may pause for a while on the bottom, but they shouldn't list on their side when swimming or resting. Watch for flashing too.

Spring Koi Pond
Koi fish love clean water

Koi will also be weak from fasting and living off of their fat for an extended period of time. Any stress will take an extra toll on the fish's health. Predators will be the primary source of stress. Netting should be placed over the pond to prevent any predators from entering and harming the fish.

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