Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Koi Tumor Removal Surgery Video

Warning, the two video clips are somewhat graphic, they show the procedure of removing a tumor from a Koi fish.

The veterinarian starts off by performing an ultrasound to get an idea of the size and approximate location of the tumor.

They remove some scales that are in the way of the incision. Splitting scales with a scalpel and leaving them in place is a bad, bad idea.

The vet then sterilizes the surgical area with iodine.

They run water with over the gills to enable the Koi to keep breathing. Take note, they don't really show it in the video, but when a surgery is performed on a Koi, the vet watches the OBR (Operculum Beat Rate) to make sure the Koi doesn't go too far under with anesthesia.

After the vet makes a small incision, he removes the excess fluid from the body cavity with a suction hose. The rest of the incision is performed with a scalpel.

The tumor is removed and examined. The body cavity is cleaned and examined.

The incision is sutured up and cleaned. A post-op ultrasound is performed to make sure that the Koi's internal organs are ok. The Koi's body cavity is then filled back up with a sterile fluid.

At 4:24 on the second clip, you can see the Koi's heart beating on the ultrasound screen.

The Koi fish is then revived in a small tub of aerated fresh water.