Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Winterizing Koi

Are koi gonna die during the cold winter?

These are generally the requirements to overwinter your Koi outside during the wintertime:
  • A pond that is at least 4 feet deep
  • A de-icer or heater system to keep the ice open
  • A decent amount of aeration, so your Koi get a good amount of oxygen in the water
  • It's clean, no fallen leaves or fish waste to decompose at the bottom
  • It's not heavily stocked
If your pond meets these requirments, then your Koi fish will probably survive the winter. If you really don't want to leave them out for the winter, you can also build or buy and indoor tank for them to live in during the winter. Make sure it has adequate:
  • Room for you Koi
  • Aeration
  • Filtration
Pictured: A pond too small to winterize Koi in:

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