Monday, August 10, 2009

Spring Fed Pond

I have a natural pond that is fed by a natural spring. The water runs into the pond at one end and exits at the other end. Do I need a filter? The pond is about 20 ft in diameter and about 2.5 ft. deep. I inherited this pond when I purchased the house. I need advice on how to maintain it and the Koi that are in the pond. The property sat empty for about a year and a half. - Masaie

There are a few variables to consider:
  • The amount of Koi you have in the pond
  • The amount of fresh water the spring provides for the pond
  • The ambient water temperature
If you have a lot of koi, its hot and the spring is only a tiny trickle, you will probly need a filter system and an aerator. A Kois metabolism will speed up when the water is warm, so it will use up more oxygen and produce more waste than when the water is cold. Water also holds less oxygen when its warmer.

If the spring provides a good amount of fresh water, then you won't have to worry about a bio-filter. Make sure that you get the fish waste, leaves and other debris out of the pond, when they break down they form toxins that are harmful to Koi.

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