Thursday, August 20, 2009

New to Koi

So i just won some baby koi under 2" long, i have them in a plastic tube in partial shade,(temporary) indoors,and it is about 2' long,and about 1'wide,and about 5-6" deep, i have 2 koi and one goldfish,(all uner 1-2")i feed them goldfish flakes(they eat them all) twice a day in a food bowl lowered into the water,leave for about 5mins,come back and its gone,there is a thin layer of pebbles(covers complete ground minus 1 corner were i feed them)and some shells,and a bubble tube under one so they come up through it, anything i am doing wrong? i also plan on getting a filter, what kind should i get? do i relay need to "cycle" the water? and how? and what is cycling g? I have been researching for hours ,but i always pull up outdoor ponds, not indoor ponds. - Anna

Those poor fish, you should have them in a tank ASAP. An aquarium filter rated for the tank that you put them in should work. That's the nitrogen cycle your reading about. By cycling, you make sure you have enough bacteria in the filter to keep up with the waste your fish produce. It takes about a month and a half to completely cycle a filter. Indoor ponds are rarer, do to their expense. Aquarium are what most people have.

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