Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keep Koi Indoors?

Could I keep a Koi indoors? Do Koi do okay by themselves, or do they need to be in a group? How big of a tank would it need? - Nicole

Yes, you can keep Koi indoors. Make sure they have all the basics: filtration, aeration, sunlight, etc. The tank will need to be fairly sizable, since Koi can grow up to three feet in length. A solarium is the best place for an indoor Koi pond/tank. 1,500 gallons would probably be the minimum size of a tank that would permanently house Koi.

It doesn't have to be an aquarium, I've seen a lot of cool tanks made out of concrete or wood. The best ones have a Polyurea liner.

They do need to be in a group. If you have only one Koi, it will be very skittish and afraid.

Just look at this poor fish, he is all alone and his tank is way, way to small. Please don't ever do this, it's cruel:

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