Monday, August 31, 2009

Fall Good Time To Buy Koi?

Dear Sir,

I have just completed my backyard pond. Its end of August now in Boston and Fall is marching on. I have scoped some sites selling 5-8 inch koi and I am wondering if I should go ahead and populate my pond with the small koi now or is it the wrong time of the year and wait for spring? I have an aireator, flowing water, filter installed for water hygiene.

Thank you


You can certainly find some great pricing on Koi at this time of the year. Although most dealers stock will have been picked through very thoroughly.

Keep in mind though, you will only be able to appreciate your Koi for only a couple months before you'll have to winterize your pond. Make sure you know how to keep Koi outdoors during the wintertime too (unless you plan on keeping them in a tank indoors). Winter and spring are very hard on Koi.

Make sure whoever you buy your Koi from quarantines them when they first arrive and tests for the KHV virus.

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