Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dropsy or Eggs?

I have a Koi that appeared to have dropsy. We treated the pond and it didn't seem to work. All of the sudden the fish is back to normal size so I assume this was eggs but the fish was like this all summer. It also has a half dollar size wound that came up on its side after whatever was there was released. Do you have any ideas on what could be going on? I have salted the pond and I am using Melafix and Pimafix. I am very much an amateur at this so any professional advice you could give would be appreciated. - Claudia

It could have been eggs that caused your Koi to swell up. Usually dropsy is a sign of organ failure, Koi with dropsy rarely live past a few days. It is even rarer if a Koi comes out of dropy.

It's good that you salted the pond, this will make your Koi's slime coat thicker. If that wound doesn't heal up, try some Tricide-Neo. It is a potentiated antibiotic, so it is effective with resistant bacteria.


cmilner0912 said...

Thanks for your quick response. I am going to go ahead get the antibiotic going. Claudia

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