Saturday, August 15, 2009

Budo Goromo

I recently bought a Budo Goromo with beautiful white skin. When it had been in my pond for a while, the white on the top of the fish has gone a smutty color. All water parameters are good. I also got a Gin Rin Ochiba which has a lovely silver and ginger color in a blue tank, but soon after putting it in the pond with a black liner, its just a dark uninspiring color. The Koi dealer where I bought it from said it was the lovely bright color when he bought it but it jumped out of a bowl when he was showing it to some one and had lost its color since then. However I know it can be the surroundings so i wonder if it will stay the dull colors now. - Jackie

Hard Water

I'm guessing that you have hard water. It will cause a Koi with white on it (like your Goromo) to get dark "smutty" colors on it. It will also cause your Ochiba to get dark. There's not much you can do to combat this other than move to a different area or bring in water from a different area.

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