Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What protects Koi from Blue Herons?

What i the most effective way to protect pond koi from herons and egrets? We have had our pond for two years, and we live in an area with many small lakes . . . we have always loved the seasonal arrival of the herons and egrets, but this year they seen to have discovered our pond. While we have a large walkway of about 5 feet, with 2 tunnels underneath, which serve as protection for the koi, we have still lost fish to our feathered fishing friends. We don't want to hurt them, but we do want to protect our fish, who have suffered much stress this summer! Really, what works to deter the herons and egrets?

Here is a few things that you can try:
  • Put netting over the pond until the herons go away
  • Put up a physical barrier around the pond ei rope, high test fishing line, or temporary fencing
  • Try an electronic scarecrow
  • An outside dog will chase away a blue heron

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