Thursday, March 12, 2009

Koi In A Swimming Pool

I would like to have Koi in my swimming pool. Is the pool too deep? I will keep the water pH right. I am in southern Mississippi and the water gets warm.
If I do get Koi for my pool can we still swim, can they live on the algae generated or do I have to feed them, this seems like a green idea. What are your thoughts?


First, before you put any fish in, make sure that any traces of Chlorine are out of the water. Chlorine will burn their gills. You will need a filter for the fish, regular pool filters are inadequate since they are filled with sand and will provide no chemical filtration whatsoever (ammonia will build up in the water and will hurt you fish).

The Koi can feed off of algae somewhat, but you should give them Koi food on a regular basis so they get the protien, vitamins and minerals that they need.

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