Friday, March 13, 2009

Carp, Koi, sumi-e

Tried to show ink stone process this time.

Nishikigoi, colorful carp, are one of items which reminds us of Japanese celebrity life, was creative breeding work in sixteenth century in Niigata pref., the northern area in Japan.

Nishikigoi swims gorgeous like kimono girls. very fun to see.

Some might hear about Chinese old saying, carp turns out dragon climbing the waterfall. We say To-ryu-mon, literery climb, dragon, gate, for the new comer contest. American Idle is kinds of to-ryu-mon of artists.

I draw this inspired by the old sixteenth carp painting which I bought in London. The wild carp shapes not like glamorous body of Nishikigoi but dull bullet streamline. So does this carp.

  1. Two barbels
  2. Eyes are small but there are circles around eyes.
  3. Pectoral must be depicted precisely, because this is the key point of carp. Imagine the wing of birds.
  4. Scales.... your choice. precise or smoothing. I say, just line it. then drip sumi-ink over.

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