Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bakki Shower

I have questions regarding bakki showers. As I understand them you pump water directly from your pond drains into the top tier of a bakki shower and gravity takes care of everything else. Am I correct in understanding that you do not use any other filtration system with a bakki shower and that it alone accomplishes your filtration needs? What happens to the solids that are filtered out of the pond? Are they trapped in the bakki showers? If solids are trapped in the bakki system do they have to be periodically emptied and cleaned? What kind of ongoing maintenance does a bakki shower system require.

Thanks for you help with my questions.

You need to have some sort of mechanical filtration before the bakki shower in order to remove the majority of solids. If you don't, the bakki shower will clog often and it will require much more maintenance. The bakki shower does provide a great amount of biological filtration. If you have mechanical filtration before it, the only maintenace is a good cleaning of the filter material once every couple months.

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