Sunday, March 29, 2009

Will a black bugeyed fantail goldfish breed with a fantail Koi? -Lora

It is possible for Koi and goldfish to crossbreed. Only if you have a male and a female though.

Can Koi have a growth spurt? -Bill

Koi will grow at different rates all throughout their lives. Typically they grow fast when they are young and slow as they get older. If there were a large abundance of food for a short period of time, they could possibly have a growth spurt.

Bakki Shower

I have questions regarding bakki showers. As I understand them you pump water directly from your pond drains into the top tier of a bakki shower and gravity takes care of everything else. Am I correct in understanding that you do not use any other filtration system with a bakki shower and that it alone accomplishes your filtration needs? What happens to the solids that are filtered out of the pond? Are they trapped in the bakki showers? If solids are trapped in the bakki system do they have to be periodically emptied and cleaned? What kind of ongoing maintenance does a bakki shower system require.

Thanks for you help with my questions.

You need to have some sort of mechanical filtration before the bakki shower in order to remove the majority of solids. If you don't, the bakki shower will clog often and it will require much more maintenance. The bakki shower does provide a great amount of biological filtration. If you have mechanical filtration before it, the only maintenace is a good cleaning of the filter material once every couple months.

How do i tell the differance between boy and girl Koi? -Pickles Paulson

It is nigh impossible to tell the difference when they are young and small, you have to wait for Koi to get older before you can tell the difference. You can usually tell when they are at least 2 years old. Female Koi will take on a blimp shape (they get full of eggs) and male Koi will look like a cigar.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Algae Problem

I have Koi in my pool, about nine of them in 14,000 gallons of water. I have been using the pool to filter the water, but I am having trouble ridding the pool/pond of algae. Any ideas? -Chele

It depends on what type of algae you are having problems with. The type that makes the water itself green can be treated with a couple of powerful UV lights, like these:

If you are having problems with string algae, you can either add chemicals to remove it (which can be costly) or you can remove it by hand.

Do Koi mate with goldfish? -Javon

Koi will mate with goldfish, their spawn tend to have characteristics of both species. The Koi/goldfish crossbreed will also be smaller than a Koi.

How earlier in the year do Koi start to spawn? -pondgirl07

That depends on where you live. In warmer climates, Koi will start to spawn in March and April. In colder climates, Koi will spawn in May and June.

Are all baby koi born black, if so when do they change color? -Brenda

Not all baby Koi are born black, only certain varieties are, like the Showa. Kohakus, for instance, are born with a red tint, with their patterns a darker shade of red.

Painting Koi Fish

Video of a person painting a Koi fish on a wall.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Carp, Koi, sumi-e

Tried to show ink stone process this time.

Nishikigoi, colorful carp, are one of items which reminds us of Japanese celebrity life, was creative breeding work in sixteenth century in Niigata pref., the northern area in Japan.

Nishikigoi swims gorgeous like kimono girls. very fun to see.

Some might hear about Chinese old saying, carp turns out dragon climbing the waterfall. We say To-ryu-mon, literery climb, dragon, gate, for the new comer contest. American Idle is kinds of to-ryu-mon of artists.

I draw this inspired by the old sixteenth carp painting which I bought in London. The wild carp shapes not like glamorous body of Nishikigoi but dull bullet streamline. So does this carp.

  1. Two barbels
  2. Eyes are small but there are circles around eyes.
  3. Pectoral must be depicted precisely, because this is the key point of carp. Imagine the wing of birds.
  4. Scales.... your choice. precise or smoothing. I say, just line it. then drip sumi-ink over.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Koi In A Swimming Pool

I would like to have Koi in my swimming pool. Is the pool too deep? I will keep the water pH right. I am in southern Mississippi and the water gets warm.
If I do get Koi for my pool can we still swim, can they live on the algae generated or do I have to feed them, this seems like a green idea. What are your thoughts?


First, before you put any fish in, make sure that any traces of Chlorine are out of the water. Chlorine will burn their gills. You will need a filter for the fish, regular pool filters are inadequate since they are filled with sand and will provide no chemical filtration whatsoever (ammonia will build up in the water and will hurt you fish).

The Koi can feed off of algae somewhat, but you should give them Koi food on a regular basis so they get the protien, vitamins and minerals that they need.

Do Koi originate in japan? -Denver

Yes and no, the ornamental colored carp that we put in our ponds originated in Japan, but the wild carp that they came from originated elsewhere.

How does male koi fish fertilize the eggs? -Dean

He goes uh uh all over them.

I have a couple of goldfishes and Koi about 2 years, why don't they mate? -Rodney

You might not have the proper environment. In order to breed, the Koi usually need the temperature fluctuations that come with spring and some vegetation in the pond to lay their eggs on. Then again, they might not be breeding because you could have all males in your pond.

How Do Butterfly Koi Reproduce?

The same as any other Koi or egg laying fish. During spring, the males will bump into the female Koi to coax the eggs out. Once the female Koi expel the eggs, usually on some plant material, the males will fertilize them. A short while later you'll have a bunch of baby Butterfly Koi swimming around in your pond.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Koi Pond 2.0 Demo

Bill Trost, designer of Koi Pond for the iPhone and iPod Touch, demonstrates the new features in the free 2.0 update to the popular application.