Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby Koi

I've had a pond with waterfall for several years but just last spring decided to put fish in it. I properly filtered, added a UV light etc. I then put in 4 fancy gold fish 4" in length and shortly later added 3 - 4-5" Koi. They've been together now for several months and tonight when I was feeding them I noticed a small fish about 1" or so in length. It appeared to be whitish in color with a dark vertical stripe. I have no clue where it came from as my pond has no access from anywhere but my house. So, not being a fish expert I ran to the internet in an attempt to find out if my fish bred. Is that possible to have a fish that size in 3-4 months? -Warren

Yes, it is possible for your fish to have bred. The new fish in your pond is probably a goldfish, since your Koi are too small to breed. Take a closer look at your pond, you might find more babies in there!

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