Thursday, August 23, 2007

I have a Yamabuki Ogon. How can I tell how old he is? -Beka

Unless you were told by the breeder or the dealer, it is almost impossible to guess the age of your Koi. All Koi grow at different rates, most 2-6 inches a year. Over a few year period, some Koi will be a lot bigger than others.

Koi have growth rings in their scales, not unlike the rings in tree trunks. These rings can be counted with a microscope, although this method is sometimes inaccurate.

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dlk said...

What does it mean when a koi swims real fast and then turns on its side to skim the bottom? The pond is extremely healthy and has a liner bottom with sprinkled clay, water levels are right on, fish are always hungry, sometimes when they do this, they jump out of the water, but not today.