Monday, July 30, 2007

PH Level Dropping

Since the weather has turned cold here in Perth Australia over the last month my PH level has dropped continually down from 7 to around 5.5 - 5. I have adjusted it with Bi-Carb soda to bring it back up at a rate of about 1.5 Tsp per 1000 litres but then a week later it will have dropped again. All my other water levels are spot on. Can you tell me why this is happening as during the summer months it was OK. Is Bi-Carb soda the correct way to raise the levels? What can you suggest to maintain a steady level of PH? Thank you, look forward to your suggestions. -William

I would do a water change and I would do it regularly. All your Koi are doing right now when they are hibernating is breathing. They breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is acidic and will slowly eat away at carbonate levels in the water. As the carbonate levels go down, the water's ability to buffer acid also drops. That is why you pH keeps dropping. Doing a regular water change or adding Bi-Carb soda will keep the carbonate levels in your pond up.

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