Saturday, June 9, 2007

Algae problems

Our pond is all green. Algae keeps coming back. It's like we have to continue using the Algae substances day after day. How can I get rid of this algae for good? -Anthony

Algae is basically a weed. Most people don't want it in their pond and it can take over a pond if kept unkempt. Unfortunately, it is part of the Nitrogen Cycle. Your filter turns Ammonia into Nitrite and Nitrite into Nitrate. Nitrate is a fertilizer and algae is a plant, so if you have a bunch of Koi, they will produce a bunch of waste, which will then turn into a bunch of fertilizer.

Here are a couple of quick things that you can do to get rid of the algae:
  1. Run the water through massive amounts of vegetation (i.e. water lettuce, lilies, ect.)
  2. Do lots of water changes, (i.e. a 50% water change will remove 50% of the Nitrate in the water)
Two common types of algae found in Koi ponds are string algae and floating algae. String algae is the stuff that looks like huge tuffs of green hair. Floating, or suspended algae is the stuff that makes Koi ponds look like split-pea soup.

One of the simplest ways to get rid of string algae is to pull it out by hand. You can either grab it or use a toilet bowl scrubber to yank it off the sides of your pond.

A permanent way to get rid of the floating algae is to install a UV Light in your filter system. When the water is pumped through the unit, the UV light disrupts the DNA in the algae cells, effectively sterilizing them.

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