Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Worming Koi and Bottom Drains

Q1. I recently overheard a conversation about worming Koi fish at least once a year. I cannot find anything about this on the web, is this a normal practice and how or what do you use to do it.

Q2. I am shortly starting construction on a 6,000L pond, concrete floor and brick walls sealed with a pond sealer. My question, is it worthwhile putting in bottom drain in a pond of this size. Thank You. -William

I suppose that the people that were talking about worming Koi were talking about Flukes. Flukes are microscopic parasitic worms. Usually you can get rid of them with salt and Potassium Permanganate.

It is definitely worthwhile putting in a bottom drain. Anytime you have something that will automatically remove Koi waste and other debris from a pond, it is a good idea. There are even bottom drains that have built in aerators.

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