Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Small Pond, Large Koi?

I am only 20 years old and very new to the world of the Nishikigoi and becoming extremely interested in this hobby. I am worried about the size of my pond (only 90 gallons). How many Koi under 12" can this comfortably support??

and also...Could it support Koi larger than that until next year when
I have the money to work on a new pond? Any tips to help would be
much appreciated! Thanks! -Tweek

Your pond can probably support 4 to 5 small Koi, for a while. Eventually they will outgrow that size of a pond and will need a bigger area to live in. I would not get any Koi that are larger than six inches until you get a bigger pond. Larger Koi need more water volume, more aeration, more filtration, ect. You will run into problems with putting large Koi in a small pond.

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