Saturday, May 5, 2007

Do Koi Hide?

I recently purchased 3 koi and put them in my man made pond. I am unable to locate them. Do koi hide and stay out of sight? I do have a lot of rocks/barriers in the pond. -Mary

When Koi are introduced into a new environment, they are skittish and will hide for a while until they know that it is safe. They are probably hiding in your rocks, you'll be surprised to see how small of a space a Koi can fit into.

If you don't find your Koi for a long time, then something probably has happened to them, either getting sucked into a pump, a bad parasitic infestation, ulcers, or a predator.

Try putting some Koi food into your pond at dawn or dusk to see if they will come out to eat.

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