Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Water Quality Problems

Hi, I have a problem with my water, the pH, Nitrate and Nitrite levels are all out. I am slowly losing my Koi due to this problem. I have done water changes and am still unable to bring the chemical levels back to normal. Advise Please. -Mohamed Iqbal

The worst of your named problems is the raised Nitrite level. Over time, this will hurt your Koi and it could cause a buildup of methemoglobin, otherwise known as "Brown Blood Disease." A buildup of methemoglobin will cause your Koi's blood to not be able to carry oxygen. A solution for a high Nitrite level is to increase your filtration on your pond. If you rely on biological filtration, you might have to wait a while for the Nitrobacter bacteria to grow in the filter and catch up with your fish load.

The second worst problem is your elevated Nitrate level. Although it is not toxic liek Ammonia or Nitrite, tests on reptiles and other animals have show that even a low concentration of Nitrate in their environment causes immune system and reproductive problems with long term exposure. A solution for high Nitrate level in your water it to do a big water change.

A high pH level won't harm your Koi, as long as it's stable. A fluctuating pH is what causes harm. I don't think that you have to do anything for the pH.

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