Sunday, April 29, 2007

Koi Damage

I have a beautiful Shusui, 3 years old, and about two weeks ago I noticed the markings just in front of the tail were missing leaving a patch about 1 cm square that is the underlying body color. I have inspected this closely and cannot see anything there that would have caused this, could it have damaged itself by flicking it's tail as they often do. Will the darker blue markings grow back and how long will that take, or will it stay as it is now. All the vital signs are good, ie, moving well, eating well, not showing any stress signs at all. All my other fish are really well and this has disappointed me because it was such a beautiful fish with perfect markings. Would appreciate your comments on the likely cause of this change in coloration. Thanking you, William.

Your Shusui lost the scales near its tail, probably by scraping against something. Koi scales take a while to grow back, about one year. Make sure that the area with the missing scales doesn't get infected.

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