Monday, March 19, 2007

My pond froze over during the winter, are my Koi still alive under the ice? -Mark

There is a possibility that your Koi may still be alive. It depends of three variables:
  1. The size of your Koi in the pond.
  2. How many Koi you have in the pond.
  3. The size of the pond itself.
If you have only a few small Koi in a large pond that is several feet deep, then they should be fine. If you have a small pond with several large Koi, then the odds are against you and there's a good chance that they could have run out of oxygen.

The best thing to do right now is to get fresh oxygen in the water. To do this, pour hot water onto the ice so that it will melt a hole through it. Never chip at the ice, it's a great way to harm your Koi, their lateral line is used to sense vibrations. Then either put an air stone or a horse trough heater into the water to keep the ice open.

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