Sunday, March 25, 2007

Koi Care in the Middle East

I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, I know nothing about Koi, I have
just purchased 5 small Koi (10 cm) they are in an outdoor pond thats
14 meters in diameter and 1/2 meter deep. I got some pond plant that they
hide in and eat. My questions are: 1. The winter here has mid 20 deg
c. day time and say 15 deg c. night time which I am sure is okay for
the fish, however, the summer can be extreme with high 40 deg c. Will I
have to put the fish indoors during the summer or if I buy large
lily pads do you think that the shade will be good enough? Secondly,
there is a decorative fountain in the pond that runs 24/7, will this
annoy the fish? I think its good for oxygenation as well as looking
nice. Thirdly, how much food should I give? Can one over feed?
whenever I put a teaspoon of food in they eat it in no time. I have
just read about fruit so I will try some of that. Finally, they seem
to be huddled together at the bottom of the pond allot, are they just
settling in? Are Koi normally shy?
Thanks Gary.

The winter in the United Arab Emirates seems to be pretty mild compared to the northern United States and Canada. Your Koi will do just fine in those temperatures. Your water should be warm enough to keep on feeding your Koi throughout the winter. The summer seems pretty hot. Make sure that you provide plenty of shade for your Koi and that the water temperature doesn't go over 33 degrees C. You can either bring you Koi indoors if the temperature gets too high or you can buy a chilling unit for your pond to keep the temperature down.

You are correct about the decorative fountain, it will aerate the water and it will not annoy the Koi. You can probably feed your Koi more food. Try giving them enough food to keep them eating for a couple minutes, a couple times a day.

When a Koi is introduced into a new environment, it will be nervous. Koi usually calm down within two weeks, eventually you may be able to train them to hand feed.

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