Thursday, February 22, 2007

Koi Keeping

Hi, this is just an observation that I have noticed since changing from Gold fish to Koi and that is that Koi are very intelligent creatures. Mine are waiting at the same spot each morning for their food as soon as they hear me coming and they each have their own personalities. I have one fish, a medium blue with green markings and dark blue spots down his spine (not sure of the type) and I call him "Bluey" and when I call his name he will leave the rest of the pack and come over to me so they do recognise their owners. Others will also come over and take food from my hand, some are more reserved and hang back until the food hits the water. It is also true about their hearing being very sharp because they hear me calling them and they come a-swimming straight over. Absolutely beautiful fish, wish I could keep more. Maybe a bigger pond? -William

I believe that Koi are one of the most tame fish that you can buy. They are easily trained to hand feed. I've seen some that sit at the surface of the water and wait for their owners to actually put food in their mouths. Koi keeping is a great hobby.

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