Monday, February 19, 2007

Koi and Plants

My Koi fish are well fed but as soon as I try to introduce plants into the water they destroy them, is this normal? I have floating plants on the water which are OK until they hang down close to the water and then the Koi jump at them to pull them down. What can I do to get some greenery down into the water? -William

It is normal for Koi to tear apart your plants. Koi are omnivorous, so they'll eat just about anything that tastes good to them, which, unfortunately, includes your pond plants. Another problem that many people have is their Koi uprooting their plants from their pots because they love to muck around in the dirt to look for things to eat.

You can try to wall off a small section of your pond with boulders, so that you create an area where the Koi can not get to so your plants will be safe. You'll want to make sure that the water flow does not get restricted, otherwise you might run into problems with anaerobic bacteria and hydrogen sulphide.

You can also try building a floating cage for your plants. Although, it may not be very aesthetically pleasing. Black is a good color.

Many people actually have a separate pond built just for plants. That way they can enjoy both their Koi and their aquatic plants without having to worry about one tearing apart the other. If you separate plant pond, it's a good idea to put a couple small goldfish or Koi in it to take care of any mosquito larvae.

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