Saturday, February 17, 2007

Goldfish & Koi

Is it possible that a 2 years old carassius (A goldfish) could kill a new 4 month old koi? They lived together in a 1000 gallon open outdoor pond. -Troppls

Both goldfish and Koi are docile, they will not eat or damage each other in anyway. There are a few things that may have happened to your Koi:
  1. It may have been eaten by a predator.
  2. It may have gotten sick and died.
  3. It could have had an internal defect and died from it.
  4. It could have jumped out of your pond and then flopped itself under something, hidden from view.
It's usually a good idea to cover your pond when you introduce a new Koi into it. They tend to be skitterish when they get new surroundings.

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